Delphi Academy of European Studies 2023

The overarching topic of the Academy’s Seminar Program 2023 was Displacement, Migration, Memory

Instructors :

Matthew J. Gibney, University of Oxford : “Movement and Morality: Ethical Questions in Contemporary Forced Migration”

Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University / Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College : “Imaging War, Imagining Peace. Migration, Memory, and Repair”

Comments from Academy’s Seminar Programme 2023 participants 

I would like to thank the Delphi Academy for the opportunity to participate in the 2023 program as one of the teachers. In my view, the programme was a rich and intellectually stimulating experience for the students involved. …In sum, then, I found the Delphi experience a memorable one and the course as a whole very valuable. I am extremely grateful that I was asked to participate. I wish the course and its organisers the best for future years.

Matthew J. Gibney

University of Oxford

The experience I had at the Delphi Academy for European Studies was doubly enriching. First, the topics of study and seminar structures provided an unparalleled learning opportunity. In both seminars, professors and peers alike challenged me to contemplate complex ideas and possibilities. … The group of people that the Delphi Academy brought together created a wonderful collision of minds. I held incredible dialogues with the people I met and forged connections that will last.

Delphina Wedell

University of Groningen

It was both pleasurable and intellectually stimulating for us to teach in the Delphi Academy Summer Program this past June. Our course, “Imaging War/Imagining Peace: Migration, Memory and Repair” was enriched by the varied perspectives of eighteen smart and engaged students representing a number of different disciplines and universities in Europe and the US. The site could not be more beautiful, and the staff of the Guest House and Conference Center were extremely helpful, kind and generous. We were so grateful to them for accommodating our last- minute film schedule, and the many accommodations they made for the unexpected Covid outbreak. Even the Covid outbreak did not stop the lively conversations in and out of class, though it did make the course more challenging. We also enjoyed our cross-course conversations with Matthew Gibney and the ideas that the students carried between our classes which, though fairly congruent in theme, taught quite different methodologies.  It was an honor for the two of us to participate in and help further the mission of the Delphi Academy for European Studies.

Marianne Hirsch

Columbia University / Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College

It was a great pleasure for me to participate in the Delphi Academy’s Seminar Program 2023.

The way the seminars are conducted opens avenues for a multitude of scientific perspectives to meet.

The fiery debates which start from the seminars themselves are reignited by crucial events, such as the Delphi Dialogues, and spread to every venue of cultural meetings in the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

For two weeks, the Centre was the landscape, but also the stimulus itself, to discuss with scholars from numerous different fields the burning issues concerning contemporary forced migration.

At the same time, it was a great chance to get in touch with the cultural richness of the artistic musical, and theatrical events, the photographic exhibitions, and all the other meetings and activities organized by the European Cultural Centre.

Effrosyni Tsafa

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

I had the privilege of attending the Delphi Academy Summer Seminar program 2023on Memory Studies and Migration Theory, and I must say it was an experience that surpassed all expectations. The program was perfectly organized, the professors were brilliant, and the atmosphere was intellectually stimulating and culturally enriching!

Accommodation and dining arrangements were also superb. It was a treat to experience the flavors of Greek cuisine and visit the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, which is within walking distance from the Academy’s building (!!!)

Additionally, the cultural program offered during the summer school was rich! We enjoyed an open-air classical music concert, experimental theater performances, and museums and cultural sights visiting. 

I am grateful to all involved in creating such a fantastic experience! Thank you to all the Delphi Academy Summer 2023 organizers — especially Panagiotis Roilos and Athena Gotsi — for their incredible work!

I highly recommend this summer school to all my humanities and social sciences colleagues. Whatever topic will be next year — it is 100% worth attending! 

Anna Vichkitova

Harvard University

When I applied to Delphi Academy, I never expected to be accepted. Consequently, I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to participate in such a unique seminar and to meet so many young scholars.

When it came to the content of the seminar, I enjoyed both courses. I appreciate the fact that all three professors allowed us to share our opinions as equals and promoted discussion among the participants. Personally, listening to the opinions of other young academics and sharing my own was the most satisfying process because it allowed me to see various perspectives. Indeed, looking back at the classes, I wish each course was given a little more time on the daily schedule— perhaps 90 minutes— so we could discuss each topic further.


Archontia G. Kalliteri

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend the 2023 Delphi Academy at the European Cultural Centre. In ways, we attendees were like the pilgrims who came to the ancient city of Delphi, the navel of the world, to receive wisdom and spiritual strength. The seminars attended to pressing contemporary issues in politics and academia. With the collaboration of scholars situated across the humanities and social sciences, I developed new ideas that I am excited to bring to bear in my dissertation and beyond. The Guesthouse was welcoming and the ideal place to both rest and work. Overall, I had the sense that the European Cultural Centre at Delphi was a vibrant and living academic and artistic hub where people did interesting and necessary work. 

Harrison Hall

Harvard University