Delphi Dialogues

Delphi is one of the most iconic landmarks of ancient Greek thought, its renown undimmed to this day. The European Cultural Centre οf Delphi (ECCD), whose statutory mission is the creation of a European and global intellectual centre at Delphi, is the primary cultural institution in Greece where the importance of humanitarian thought can and must be investigated on a permanent basis.

To this end, the ECCD launched in 2023 the Delphi Dialogues. There, eminent thinkers and world-famous academics discuss current affairs and burning issues which humanity will be called upon to face in the near future (examples include democracy and technological developments, population movements and the refugee crisis, cultural/educational challenges, and the post-human age).

The Delphi Dialogues are live-streamed online, while the proceedings are published in a series of the same name.