The experience you offer our students is invaluable. The work of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi makes us all proud of Greece.

Konstantinos Arvanitakis

Director of the Athens Conservatoire Drama School.

The European Cultural Centre of Delphi is an institution without parallel. It performs a supremely valuable role in bringing together experts and non-experts from all over the world to share academic and cultural activities. I have been privileged to attend the meetings at Delphi almost every year since 1986. I have watched the activities of the European Cultural Centre develop over those years, as the Centre has gained ever new vigour and confidence and ambition. And I have marvelled at the skill and dedication of that small band of workers who have achieved so much

James Diggle

Professor of Greek and Latin, University of Cambridge Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens

When I arrived at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi for the first time, I was in awe of its natural beauty. From the architecture to its setting on the side of Mount Parnassos, the Center immediately overwhelmed me with a feeling of reverence…

Lexi Mealey

Harvard University.

Room with a view over the olive grove leading to Itea in the Gulf of Corinth. … Magic and the feeling of elation are too commonplace expressions for the Delphic Landscape, but this is exactly what we experienced from the premises of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

Stephanos Pesmazoglou

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences.

Delphi gives us the feeling that history is eternal. I wholeheartedly wish the further progress and development of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, which gives life and breath to today’s Delphi and spreads the word to all mankind that our spiritual homeland exists.

Tadashi Suzuki

Founder and director of the SCOT theatre (Suzuki Company of Toga).

For decades, the European Cultural Center of Delphi has been a hub for international activities in a captivating natural setting. Here, the ancient and contemporary converge within modernist constructions, providing a sanctuary for the pursuit of scientific, political, economic, and cultural endeavors of our time.

Simeon Tsomokos

Founder and President of Delphi Economic Forum

For fifteen days, Delphi truly became the centre of the world, the omphalos of one’s own life. One cannot picture the experience of living, reading, and teaching here, in the beautiful park of the European Cultural Centre. The view is breath-taking and invites to meditation, as well as the discussions with colleagues and students. Delphi means now what thinking and teaching should be: a moment out of time, at the cradle of all times and civilisation.

Johann Chapoutot

Université Paris-Sorbonne

The level of the performances, discussions and academic symposia staged by the European Cultural Centre of Delphi is always very high indeed. Its impact on contemporary culture is great. The Centre of Delphi serves as a unique bridge connecting the greatest of the ancient Greeks to theatre professionals and theatre-goers today.

Yuri Lyubimov

Director,  founder and Artistic Director of the Yaganka Theatre.

… The European Cultural Centre of Delphi offers everything a community of scholars might need: spacious rooms, a small library, great food, and a beautiful panorama. It is impossible to imagine a better place where to study the cultural and philosophical tradition of the European continent than in this small green corner of history in Greece.

Alberto Parisi

Harvard University

.. The European Cultural Centre of Delphi is the perfect place for someone to find her/his inner peace, come closer to nature, and explore the ancient humanistic values from a modern perspective.

Eirini Pragia

University of Thrace

I am tied by bonds of blood to the European Cultural Centre of Delphi and by powerful friendships.  In this magical place philosophers and creators from all over the world met, discussed and exchanged views on ancient drama. I would wish the Centre to be able to transform itself into a progressive educational space where young artists can draw strength and inspiration.

Theodoros Terzopoulos

Director, founder of the Attis Theatre; President of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics