4th Meeting of Young Artists





Educational Programs

The 4th Meeting of Young Artists on the theme “Crossroads Project “ was organized from 5 to 12 July 2010. Forty young artists/musicians as well as students and graduates of Conservatories and Universities Music Departments participated.

 Workshop program
–Classic percussion. Masterclass by Dimitris Desylas
1. Basic techniques and interpretation in the works of Elliot Carter, Iannis Xenakis, J.S.Bach, Jacques de Leclouse.
2. Percussion ensemble techniques–basic repertoire
–Traditional percussion. Masterclass by Petros Kourtis
1. The percussions of the world in Greece of rhythm: Greek traditional percussions and percussions of the world deal with the concepts of technique-sound-groove-improvisation.

2. Orchestration of traditional percussion ensemble, phraseology, improvisation.

B. Lectures
Dimitris Desylas:
–Rhythm in practice from zero to infinity
–The aesthetics of sound and musical phrase

Petros Kourtis:

The concept of base and its meaning, groove and compositional characteristics
-Improvisation in relation to traditional forms and styles

C. Concerts
-Theatre ‘Frynichos’, 10 July, “The sound of percussion” with percussion ensembles TYMPANA and DRUMVOICE.
-Atrium of the Conference Centre, 12 July, “Crossroads Project”, a collaboration of classical and traditional percussion players with the participation of students of the workshops.