Delphi and Modern European Art





International Symposia

In the context of the Delphi Economic Forum IX, the European Cultural Centre of Delphi is organizing a panel on

Delphi and Modern European Art

Wednesday, 10 April 2024

15.45 – 16.20

K. KARAMANLIS Amphitheatre – European Cultural Centre of Delphi


Alexandra Goulaki – Voutyra, General Director, Teloglion Foundation of Arts, Emeritus Professor of Art History, AUTH

Takis Mavrotas, Visual Arts Director, B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music

Costas Varotsos, Sculpture artist, Greece

Vana Xenou, Artist / Professor

Athanasia Psalti, Director, Ephorate of Antiquities of Phokis – Ministry of Culture, Greece


Andreas Gofas, Director, European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

The panel aims to examine the long-lasting fine arts programme of the Delphi Centre, highlighting its contribution to the cultural life of Delphi and the country.