Exhibition “BELLA RAFTOPOULOU. Sculpture-Drawing”



The ECCD Fine Arts Programme 2009 focused on the presentation of the artist and sculptor Bella Raftopoulou who lived and worked in Paris.

The exhibits are part of the Bella Raftopoulou collection of the National Gallery of Greece- Al. Soutsos Museum and include 11 monumental sculptures, 20 smaller and 97 drawings on the Delphic Festivals.

Curator -Exhibition organisation: Efi Andreadi,  art critic.

A  special panel with the theme GREEK ARTISTS IN PARIS BEFORE WORLD WAR II was organised at the opening of the exhibition (Saturday, 10 October).


Rector Helene Ahrweiler

Efi Andreadis, art historian

Emmanuel Mavromatis, Professor – art historian

Olga Metzefou, Curator of the National Gallery

Duration of the exhibition: 10 October -10 November 2009