Fine arts exhibition





Fine Arts & Exhibitions

From the permanent collection of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi

The exhibition was held at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Phokis

Exhibits: Christos Giannakos HEAD OF KOUROS WITH SQUARE / Danil: TRIBUTE TO DELPHI / George Kouvakis COLUMNS / Michalis Lekakis: DELPHIC DANCE / Michalis Manousakis: PYTHIA’S FINAL CRY/ Marios Spiliopoulos: TO JULIAN / Alekos Fassianos: THE TREASURY OF ATHENIANS AT DELPHI & DELPHIC GUIDEPOST/ Yannis Psychopedis: WRINKLED ANTINOOS /Nikos Georgiadis: STANDING UP III / Sarantis Karavouzis: ANCIENT MARBLE HORSE /

Engravings: Charles Motte: LA FONTAINE CASTALIE / Lykourgos Koyevinas: DELPHI (2 works) / Lela Paschali: DELPHI (3 works)