Photography exhibition “Delphi, inhabitants and history, 1890-1970”





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On Saturday 18 February 2017, at 19.00, at the Conference Centre of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, the opening of the large photography exhibition “Delphi, inhabitants and history, 1890-1970” took place.

The exhibition was a photographic narrative of the life of the inhabitants of Delphi from the end of the 19th century in the old Kastri, the time of the Great Excavation and the transfer of the village to its present location. It focused on the daily activities, customs and habits of a small traditional society that gradually evolved, while in contrast, snapshots of visits of various personalities from Greece and abroad to the archaeological site and the Museum of Delphi were presented.

The exhibition was based almost exclusively on material from the family photographic collections of the residents of Delphi, who donated them to the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

The material provided by the residents was supplemented by selected photographs kindly provided by the French School of Athens. Photographs from the collection of Petros Poulidis – ERT Archive and from the photographic archives of Maria Chrousaki – National Gallery, the Municipality of Delphi and the European Cultural Centre of Delphi were also used.

Duration of the exhibition : until 28 April 2017.

Free entrance