Delphi Academy of European Studies 2022

In 2022 the seminars focused on the cultural politics in Europe: ideologies, national ‘traditions’ and transnational/transcultural relations.


James Faubion (Rice University) : “The rise and fall of structuralism”

Susan Rubin Suleiman (Harvard University) : “A Europe without Walls?  Language, Identity, and the Search for Community after 1989”

Delphi Academy 2022

Delphi Academy 2022

Comments from participants

…. I had visited the ruins of the Delphic shrines and the broader Delphic landscape before Panagiotis Roilos invited me to teach the seminar that (after the delays provoked by the pandemic) I was finally able to offer in 2022. Addicted to the sublime and flattered by the offer, I could hardly have refused. In the environs of the Delphi Academy for European Studies, I cherished the accommodations and the graciousness of the staff (beautiful all around). ……

James Faubion, Rice University

The two-week seminar I taught at the European Cultural Center in Delphi in June 2022 was truly an unforgettable experience, both because of its stunningly beautiful setting and because of its intellectual   richness…..  Many friendships were formed during those two weeks, which will continue over the years to come.  I was thrilled to be part of it.

Susan Rubin Suleiman, Harvard University