2nd Forum of Delphi “The European Cultural Routes as tools for intercultural dialogue”






The main purpose of the 2nd Forum of Delphi “The European Cultural Routes as tools of intercultural dialogue, approach of cultures, sustainable development, cultural tourism, and European integration” was to present the developments of the Cultural Routes program, following the Declaration of Delphi in May 2006.

The participants explored and presented new ways of governance and funding the European Cultural Routes in order to promote cultural tourism in Europe.

Participants were representatives of the Council of Europe and of European and international organizations, such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions of the EU, UNESCO, ICOMOS, the World Tourism Organization, representatives of Ministries of Culture of Europe as well as of the network ‘European Cultural Routes’.

During the Forum’s works, the tourism products of the European Cultural Routes as well as issues related to the coexistence of the tourism industry with local communities and their cultural identity and the promotion and respect of the intangible cultural heritage of each region of Europe were presented.