Concert “Mediterraneo” by L’Arpeggiata and Christina Pluhar






The award-winning musical ensemble L’ Arpeggiata, in its first appearance in Greece, presented its new production, MEDITERRANEO, Music from the Sea of the Morning, with exquisite melodies and unique rhythms of the peoples of Southern Europe. The musicians of baroque and traditional music, with instruments such as the psaltery, the lute, the percussion, the cannon, the sazzi, the guitars and the Greek lyre or lafta.

Concert credits

Misia, fado (Portugal), Nuria Rial, soprano (Spain), Vincenzo Capezzuto (Italy), Katerina Papadopoulou (Greece).

Margit Ubelaker: psaltery, Sarah Reed: baroque harp, Eero Palviainen: baroque guitar, archlute, David Mayoral: percussion, Francesco Turrisi: harpsichord, percussion, melodica, Boris Schmidt: double bass, Sandro Daniel Costa: fado guitar, Daniel Pinto: fado viola, Socrates Sinopoulos: lyre, Nikos Mermigas: laft, Aitak Dogan: cannon, Ismail Tunkbilek: sazzi.

Anna Dego: dance

Christina Pluhar: musical direction and theorbo

The programme began with a musical tribute to Cavafy entitled “Sea of the Morning”. This was followed by Greco-Salentine songs and tarantellas, whose musical roots are in Italy, but have been sung for many centuries in Greek by the population of Greek origin in Salento, as well as melodies and songs from the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Spain (Mallorca and Catalonia) and Portugal.

As part of the concert, an educational programme for young musicians was organised on 27 and 28 November 2013, open to the public, in the classroom of the ‘Friends of Music’ Association.

The event was the sixth action of the approved action “150 YEARS FROM THE BIRTH OF K.P. CAVAFY”, P.E.P. Attica – NSRF 2007-2013 and was held in collaboration with the Association ‘The Friends of Music’.