Exhibition “Marathon in the work of eight Greek artists”





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The diverse visual writings of eight contemporary Greek artists met in Delphi from the 2nd of July to the 2nd of August 2010, with new works inspired by the Battle of Marathon:

Alexandra Athanassiadi, Immortal War Horses, a sculpture of brass and wood,

Nikos Alexiou, Ideal Armours, work of reed and string,

Eugenia Apostolou, Bloody fields, oil on canvas,

Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Fallen Warriors, installation- stones and metal,

Nikos Navridis, The issue of the age of the vacuum, synthetic gypsum, metal construction,

Vana Xenou, Tomb, installation, design, mixed technique, paper, metal, and ore,

Danae Stratou Spear, work of metal and photography,

Nakis Tastsioglou Shield-Monument, work of plexiglass, iron, and light.

Exhibition curated by Efi Andreadi, art critic