Nature & Man in Tragedy





Educational Programs

Educational programme for young actors, graduates and students of Drama Schools

Delphi 27 June-1 July 2023

Project coordinator:
Maro Nicolopoulou
Head, Conferences and Artistic Programmes Department of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi

Academic advisor:
Dr. Penelope Chatzidimitriou
Instructor at the Postgraduate Department of Theatre Studies of the Open University of Cyprus

The meeting NATURE AND MAN IN TRAGEDY is the fifth in a line of the educational programme of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi for young actors and drama school students , with a short break in 2020 due to the pandemic. The programme was launched in 2018 with the aim of bringing the younger generation in contact with the contemporary trends in theatre and the working methods of great masters of world theatre.

For five days, through a programme of workshops, lectures, performances and other artistic activities, the relationship between Man/Tragic Hero and Nature is explored, as it emerges primarily through ancient tragedy and myth. Fifty two  young actors as well as graduates and students of Drama Schools are taking part and actively participating in the workshops.


Γιώργος Καπελώνης/ Giorgos Kapelonis

Giorgos Kapelonis


THE VOICE OF THE ACTOR IN THEATRE: the song and its technique, 27 and 28 June

Workshop leader: Dimitris Tiliakos, baritone
Piano: Giannis Aeriniotis

In the theatre, as in opera, the constant goal of technique is the consolidation of a healthy and expressive voice, capable of coping with the great challenges of the roles and the demands created by the particularities of theatrical spaces.  

Participants will work on the basic concepts of the art of singing such as breathing technique, the activation of the singing body and the uninterrupted contact of the voice with it.


Workshop Leader: Savvas Stroumpos, director-actor, artistic director of the theatre SIMEION MIDEN, associate of the ATTIS theatre
Assisted by: Giulio Germano Cervi, actor

An introduction to Theodoros Terzopoulos’ method “The Return of Dionysos”, which is taught  in many Theatre Academies, Drama Schools and Universities and has inspired artists all over the world.

Key aspects of the method:

  • Cultivating diaphragmatic breathing
  • Technique of psychosomatic concentration
  • Activation of the somatic axes and the body center
  • Release and activation of the body’s resonators
  • Release of the natural sound

Marina Carluccio


Workshop leader: Mattia-Sebastian Giorgetti, director, actor, associate of SCOT theatre (Suzuki Company of Toga), educational director of Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan
Assisted by: Anastasis Roilos, actor

Developed by the internationally acclaimed director Tadashi Suzuki, the main objective of the Suzuki Method is the restoration of the totality of the human body through the theatrical context and the discovery of the actor’s innate expressive abilities. The method develops a strict physical discipline, with elements and influences from traditional Japanese theatre and ancient Greek drama, martial arts and classical dance (ballet).

PERFORMANCES : Music, theatre, video installation

Filippos Tsitsopoulos: Video installation
MACBETH AND ECOLOGY ‘The Forest goes to Delphi’
Gardens of the Conference Centre at 22.00

On the trunk of a pine tree, the visual artist Filippos Tsitsopoulos projects the last Tree of the Great Forest of Birnam where Shakespeare walked five centuries ago and was inspired to write Macbeth.

Thursday, 29 June
Atrium of the Conference Centre at  22.30
ὄρφνη (Orphne- darkness)
Musical performance
Artistic concept: Dimitris Tiliakos

ὄρφνη is a journey through the deep darkness of night,  a prayer to Nature and Man, with the sounds of instruments, songs of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the tradition of the Mediterranean,  and fragments of Orphic hymns.

Dimitris Tiliakos: song
Accompanied by the Ex Silentio ensemble:
Dimitris Kountouras, medieval flutes
Elektra Miliadou, viola da gamba – vielle
Thimios Attzakas, oud
Nikos Varelas, percussion
Flora Papadopoulou, renaissance / medieval harp

Excerpts of Orphic Hymns are performed by students of Drama Schools participating in the workshops.

Friday, 30 June
Outdoor space at 20.00

A musical performance in the natural landscape of Delphi with the actress Sophia Hill in an original electro-acoustic composition by Panayiotis Velianitis

At the edge of the Conference Centre’s gardens, on a hill covered with straw and thyme, in the natural light of the sunset, the musical performance “Prometheus in Memoriam” is presented, an original electro-acoustic composition by Panagiotis Velianitis with the actress of the ATTIS Theatre, Sophia Hill, who performs excerpts from Aeschylus’ “Prometheus the Bound”.

Angelos Hill

Saturday 1 July
Conference Centre at  12.30-14.00
Documentary  “The land of forgotten songs”
A cinematic journey through the songs, shamanic and ritual practices of the indigenous people of the great Amazonian forest.
Screening of excerpts and meeting with the director Vladimir Nikolouzos

Concept / idea : Katya Bakhirka, Vladimir Nikolouzos
Director : Vladimir Nikolouzos

Βλαδίμηρος Νικολούζος


Conference Centre, Friday 30 June & Saturday 1 July

Distinguished academics and representatives of  the European theatre and the field of  ecocriticism focus on dramatic texts of  ancient Greek tragedy, on performances,  and acting methods and examine the relationship  of theatre and nature. They investigate  the role of theatre in today’s   environmental issues which must be urgently addressed.


Vicky (Vasiliki) ANGELAKI, Professor in English Literature, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University

Konstantinos ARVANITAKIS, theatre director, director of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire    

Constantina BORDIN, Artistic Director, ART CARNUNTUM-World Art Festival

Penelope CHATZIDIMITRIOU, Ph.D. in Theatre Studies, Instructor at the Postgraduate Department of Theatre Studies of the Open University of Cyprus 

Freddy DECREUS, Professor Emeritus, University of Ghent, Head of Artistic Advisory Board of NTGent

Gina D’ HARTE, Psycho-neurologist 

Clare FINBURGH DELIJANI, Professor of European Theatre, Department of Theatre and Performance, Goldsmiths, University of London

Mattia-Sebastiano GIORGETTI, director, actor, associate of SCOT theatre (Suzuki Company of Toga), educational director of CENTRO TEATRO ATTIVO in Milan

 Ioannis KONSTANTAKOS, Professor of Ancient Greek Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Carl LAVERY, Professor of Theatre and Performance, University of Glasgow

Vladimir NIKOLOUZOS, poet, theatre director, independent film maker

Dr. Frank RADDATZ, author, dramaturg, Theater des Anthropozän

George SAMPATAKAKIS, Professor of Theatre Studies, University of Patras

Savvas STROUMPOS, director, actor, artistic director of the theatre SIMEION MIDEN, associate of the ATTIS theatre

Theodoros TERZOPOULOS, director, founder of the ATTIS theatre, president of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics

Dimitris TILIAKOS, opera singer. baritone

Filippos TSITSOPOULOS, visual artist

Panayiotis VELIANITIS , Composer, Music Teacher

Georgios ZAMBOULAKIS, theatre director & acting professor

Detailed Schedule