The European Cultural Centre of Delphi (17 and 18 October 2023) and the Theocharakis Foundation (19 October 2023) will host the first international ancient drama festival on the fragmentary texts of the Greek ancient poets, as found in fragments in the cemeteries of Alexandria, in Egyptian mummies, in the great libraries of the Vatican and Mount Athos and other sources.

At Delphi (17-18/10), during the session “The reception of ancient drama by the Roman theatre”,  speakers will be Angelo Meriani, Professor of Greek Language and Literature at the University of Salerno, Andreas Zoulas, translator-writer, Christoforos Christofis, director-writer, Nikos Xanthoulis, composer, Andreas Michalopoulos, Professor,  Dirk Obbing, professor of Papyrology and Greek literature at Oxford University, and Peter Parsons, Professor of Greek literature at Oxford University.

“The unknown Euripides” is the subject of the second session at the Theocharakis Foundation (19/10). Speakers: Elias Malandris, theatre theorist-director, Gonda van Steen, Centre for Hellenic Studies – Department of Classics, King’s College London, James Diggle f. Professor of Ancient Greek and Latin at the University of Cambridge, Konstantinos Bouras, Professor at the University of Athens, Anna Mavroleon, Professor at the Hellenic Open University, and Fotis Papathanassiou, Chairman of the Theocharakis Foundation.

The Meeting is under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Theocharakis Foundation.

Free entrance