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ὄρφνη (Orphne- Darkness) musical performance, Conference Centre Atrium, Thursday, 29 June 2023, at 22.30

“Orphne” is the darkness of the night, the inner darkness, where Orpheus returns eternally as a traveler in space and time with his voice as his vehicle.

“Orphne” is a nocturnal journey, a prayer to Nature and Man, through the sounds of instruments, songs of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the tradition of the Mediterranean, fragments of Orphic hymns, sonnets by Rilke and poems by Isabella di Morra.

Design-Artistic concept- song: Dimitris Tiliakos

Ex Silentio ensemble:

Dimitris Kountouras, medieval flutes

Elektra Miliadou, viola da gamba – vielle

Thimios Attzakas, oud

Nikos Varelas, percussion

Flora Papadopoulou, renaissance / medieval harp


Maria Nika

Emilia Yiannoukari

Margarita Stravoudaki

FREE ADMISSION (limited places)

Photo from the rehearsals: Yannis Gutmann