VIII Delphi Economic Forum, 26-29 April 2023

“I am convinced that by prioritizing the exploration of issues that are directly related to the rapid developments that humanity is experiencing today in the fields of culture, thought, politics and science, the Delphi Centre will be able to emerge as a dynamic, modern omphalos of global culture and global thought.”

With these words, the President of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD), Professor Panagiotis Roilos, concluded his speech at the opening ceremony of the 8th Delphi Economic Forum, which took place on Wednesday, 26 April, at the premises of the ECCD.

Professor Roilos referred to the transitional period that humanity is going through today, which he defines as “neo-medieval post-capitalism”. A key feature of this period is the redefinition of the very concept and reality of man.

He then developed the main axes of the ECCD’s new annual initiatives -such as the Delphi Dialogues and the International Conference Antiquity and the Modern World- aimed at further increasing the international outreach of the Centre.