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ὄρφνη (Orphne- Darkness) musical performance, Conference Centre Atrium, Thursday, 29 June 2023, at 22.30

“Orphne” is the darkness of the night, the inner darkness, where Orpheus returns eternally as a traveler in space and time with his voice as his vehicle. “Orphne” is a nocturnal journey, a prayer to Nature and Man, through the sounds of instruments, songs of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the tradition of the Mediterranean, … Read more

Press Conference on the ECCD Programme for 2023

The programme of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi for 2023 was presented on 24 June, at a press conference, by the President of the Governing Board Dr. Panagiotis Roilos, Professor at Harvard University and the Director, Dr. Andreas Gofas, Professor at Panteion University. Present were also Mr. Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou, Chairman and CEO of Eurolife … Read more

VIII Delphi Economic Forum, 26-29 April 2023

“I am convinced that by prioritizing the exploration of issues that are directly related to the rapid developments that humanity is experiencing today in the fields of culture, thought, politics and science, the Delphi Centre will be able to emerge as a dynamic, modern omphalos of global culture and global thought.” With these words, the … Read more

“A photographic weekend”: Photography Seminar with Platon Rivellis

The European Cultural Centre of Delphi in collaboration with the Photographic Circle, organises in Delphi a themed photography seminar, “A photographic weekend”, from May 26 to May 29, 2023. In the seminar, which has a total duration of 12 hours, Platon Rivellis will be teaching. The collaboration of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi with … Read more

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Concert of the Music Department of St. George Highschool – Rome

On Thursday, 9 March 2023, at 12:30, the Music Department of St. George Highschool- Rome gave a concert in the Amphitheatre of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi. The orchestra and the choir of St. George Highschool-Rome consists of a multinational group of fifty-two students, 14-18 years old, and three Teachers and comprises a classic … Read more

Upgrading of the premises of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi

The Ministry of Culture and Sports takes an important step toward the modernisation and energy upgrading of the conference premises of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi premises. The implementation, on a budget of 10,609,000 euros, was included in the resources of the European Recovery Fund. The Minister of Culture and Sports, Ms. Lina Mendoni, … Read more

George Dertilis

On 20 February 2023, the historian George Dertilis passed away. An excellent scientist and intellectual, he was a member of the International Scientific Committee of the Delphi Academy of European Studies from the first year of the programme in 2017 until today.

Delphi Academy of European Studies

Today opens the submission of applications for the 2023 Delphi Academy of European Studies (19-30 June) This year the broad theme will be “Displacement, Migration, Memory” The syllabus includes two sections : Seminar 1: Movement and Morality: ethical questions in contemporary forced migration with Professor Matthew J. Gibney, University of Oxford. Seminar 2: Imaging war, … Read more

Yiannis Gaitis Exhibition- Τhe Essence of Anonymity

Two works from the collection of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, the iconic SYMPLEGADES (1988), oil on canvas, and THE ANGEL (1980-81), oil and pastel on canvas, are included in the exhibition YIANNIS GAITIS – THE ESSENCE OF   ANONYMITY, presented at the V. & M. Theocharakis Fine Arts Foundation from February 8, 2022. SYMPLEGADES … Read more

Book Presentation: “The ancient drama in Delphi”-Greek volume

Friday 20 January 2023 at 12.30 – Vassilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation Greetings: Minister of Culture and Sports Mrs. Lina Mendoni. Speakers: Event coordination: Maro Nikolopoulou, Head of the Department of Conferences & Artistic Programmes who had the general responsibility of the publication. The book was printed by AGRA Publications. For almost three decades, Delphi … Read more

Christodoulos Giallourides (1949-2023)

Professor Christodoulos Giallourides, director of the European Cultural Centre of Delphi in the period 2005-2011, has passed away. Professor of International Politics, Dean of the School of International Studies, Communication and Culture at Panteion University, Director of the Centre for Oriental Studies, Christodoulos Giallourides has been the author of many books and articles that have … Read more